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Let's Face It

The Lasik Industry Can Be Intimidating

It's exhausting to sift through all of the information to find out what is actually going on and no one seems to be on your side. 

Their model is simply broken.

At LASIK Docs we feel your frustration and sense of hopelessness within the eye care industry. They all make promises…

but nobody can deliver transformation like we can in just 4 easy steps.
Step 1:
Schedule a convenient no-cost online consultation with one of our experienced Visionaries.
Step 2:
Attend your free virtual consultation from the comfort of wherever you are to learn more about LASIK with LASIK Docs, our top-rated doctors, cost and payment options.
Step 3:
Attend a no-cost comprehensive eye exam at the LASIK Docs office near you to determine your LASIK candidacy.
Step 4:
Have your life-changing procedure at our Board Certified Ophthalmologist’s office. Be ready to finally see the world clearly without glasses or contacts!
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✔ Our focus is on you, your best vision, your best life.
✔ Premium concierge experience.
✔ Exceptional, Board Certified Physicians.
✔ Clear, honest pricing. No surprises, no haggling, only $1,999 per eye
✔ Convenient online appointments.
✔ Financing options available.
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