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What is LASiK Docs?

Our founders have a combined forty years of experience in the LASIK industry and have been in it since LASIK’s introduction to the United States, overseeing more than 3 million LASiK procedures. The world is changing, and we believe that the LASIK process should change, too. We found a new way to bring a premium and convenient concierge-level experience to every LASIK patient.

LASiK Docs is a new kind of eyecare organization focused on delivering the highest quality, best value patient experience at straight forward honest prices. We connect you with world-renowned surgeons who have performed thousands of eye procedures. Experience matters when it comes to eyecare.

Eyecare today is littered with companies and doctors playing the hidden price game. Worse, they advertise low prices of $220 or $250 per eye. Only about 1 percent get those prices with the rest paying thousands of dollars. They advertise these prices to get you into their offices to then pressure you into expensive options. Honestly, would you trust your eyes to someone who does that?

Let’s face it, you only have one set of eyes and you don’t want to trust your precious vision to low-priced, inexperienced physicians. You will know what your price is going into the process and know that you’re in the best hands. And it won’t cost you anything unless you have your procedure done!
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